An Absolutely, Whole-heartedly, Unbiased Top School List

What schools are best at getting students into top American ballet companies? This ain't your grandma's top ballet school list. Here at Data Pointes, we use numbers to back our claims and today we take another look at schooling. For the vast majority, ballet training does not lead to a sustained career as a professional … Continue reading An Absolutely, Whole-heartedly, Unbiased Top School List

A Role for Data in Ballet

Data on dance and specifically ballet is largely private, kept for internal review within arts organizations. So when I began this project, the role of data collection in ballet was unclear. The task seemed intractable. Limited information, spread out between many, many company websites. What insight could be gained? Would there be anything meaningful at … Continue reading A Role for Data in Ballet

Hiring Revisited (Part 1)

What are the hiring practices of different American ballet companies? Last time we looked at hiring and dancer retention, the focus was on the top 6 companies for the 2018 - 2019 season ( This year at Data Pointes, we've followed up that data but also expanded analysis to the top 22 US companies (well, … Continue reading Hiring Revisited (Part 1)

Introducing The American Ballet Network

What are the most common paths to getting into a top American ballet company? One of the major goals of Data Pointes is to aid in career decision-making by providing relevant data - empowering dancers, educators, and parents. After a lot of hard work, I am proud to announce the creation of The American Ballet … Continue reading Introducing The American Ballet Network